Monday, September 27, 2010

Reinventing that Little Black Dress (LBD)

 I cannot emphasize more on how important a little black dress is for your wardrobe. It is a staple piece and it never goes out of style. You can wear it to work, to a cocktail party, on a casual day at a museum, or even to a black tie dinner. Therefore, investing in a nice LBD is a must because it is versatile and can be worn all year round. However, when shopping for a LBD, keep these things in mind:
  1. Make sure the cut and design flatters your body (not every thing black is slimming and flattering)
  2. Make sure that it is made well and the fabric is long lasting
  3. If you're planning on wearing your LBD to work, keep the length and style in mind. You don't want to look like you just stepped out of a club or a bar- so think "classy"
  4. Make sure your LBD fits you well- there are plenty of options to choose from, therefore there is no room/excuse for looking frumpy in your LBD
  5. If it means spending a little bit more on your LBD, go for it!!! it's worth it!!!
  6. If you are trendy and a risk-taker like myself, go for a LBD that has a modern touch to it- like a shoulder pad, a plunging neckline, an empire waist, strapless, ruffles, sheerness, lace etc. etc..
  7. Here's a little LBD mantra: If you're more of a classic person and does not care for the trends, go for a cut and design that is simple and versatile.
If you're looking for an affordable LBD, think Ann Taylor, Banana Republic, Macy's, Limited and even Express.

Ways to wear your LBD for Fall and Winter:
  1. Add a pair of black opaque tights to your LBD- it will keep you warm in a chilly weather yet it will give you that sophisticated look that will work for your office, even during a cocktail hour outside of work or depending upon the style, it can even work for a night-out with your girlfriends
  2. Pair your LBD with colorful cardigans such as mustard, purple, beige, green and even red to brighten the look
  3. Accessorize, accesorize and accesorize...Add belts (chunky or thin- depending upon your style) to define your waistline. Belts come in various colors and styles, so have fun with it
  4. Scarves are always in style and are chic, therefore for fall weather- add a light scarf to your LBD in abstract prints (which are in) and for a winter look- add some chunky scarves and shawls
  5. Add some interest to your LBD by pairing it up with a nice strand of pearl, a more sophisticated necklace with a flair, or a bold necklace that screams attention
  6. Do not overwhelm your LBD by going overboard with accessories- for e.g. if you're wearing a bold necklace, go for a subtle touch on the purse and shoes
  7. You can also spruce up your LBD with a pair of bright colored shoes for a cocktail hour or during a night out, but remember-  if  you're wearing a pair of purple shoes with your LBD, do not make a mistake of burying yourself in purple from head to toe. Add  just a hint of color to your LBD. Remember, sometimes less is more
  8. Want to add some drama to your LBD? Layer it over a faux fur,  fitted tweed blazer, cropped jacket, or leather jacket and finish it off with a pair of black golves
For more information on accesorizing your LBD, please go to

Amazing Drew

I have been waiting  anxiously for the October issue of Bazaar- so anxious that I have been making frequent visits to my mailbox each day. After much anticipation, I finally received it in the mail about few days ago. And guess who has graced the October cover? Any guesses?

It is Drew Barrymore who is the  cover girl for the October 2010 issue of Bazaar. This 35-year-old actress looks very dreamy and beautiful.

Even though i am not an arden fan of Ms. Barrymore, i personally think she looks wonderful in the pictures. One thing about her that I do like is that she is always evolving and changing. She is such a fashion chameleon and her style is effortless and earthy- which i love.

Want to know see more and know more about this beauty- go and get yourself the October issue- it's worth every penny! And, happy reading!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Journey to the land of Pashmina

I always tell people that "you can never go wrong with Pashminas."  It is such a versatile accessory that it does not matter even if you buy them in bulk in all sorts of colors and designs. Black, brown, beige, and grey pashminas are the basic kinds and will go with any outfits. However, if you want to add some colors and designs to your pashminas this fall- go ahead!

Lately, a pashmina is starting to become a fashion staple than just another fall/winter accessory as a result of  famous celebrities parading them in various colors and styles all across the world. Even though this soft, intricate cloth is considered to be as old as the ancient civilization.,  it is believed that the demand of pashmina started to rise at a startling rate when designers from London, New York, and Paris started incorporating them in their collections in 1998 (according to

Celebs and their love for Pashminas

 Even though, pashminas originally came from the region of Kashmir and were used ideally by people to withstand harsh weather conditions, lately the demand for this shawl has been growing by leaps and bounds due to high-end magazines like Vogue and Elle popularizing the item as a luxurious product for the rich and famous.

Pashminas come in various designs and colors to meet the growing popularity among people, I personally prefer a pashmina that has a higher silk blend to it just because the way it feels. You can buy these shawls online or even at department stores like Macy's and Nordstrom.

You can wear a pashmina in many different ways. Do not shy away from experimenting with different styles. Add your personal touch and give your outfit just the right finishing touch.

Add your creative touch to it


Street Fashion in India- It's all about the colors!

Don't be afraid to experiment with colors. Have fun with it...

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Ever evolving fashion scene!!

Even though I am from Nepal, a small beautiful country sandwiched between India and China, sometimes it is simply hard to ignore the influence and power these countries have on other developing and underdeveloped countries and India for that matter has an edge over China in terms of its soft power. Therefore, it is no exaggeration to say that India's soft power has been continually growing as a result of the enormous popularity of Bollywood movies and a thriving media market. Its growing influence on its neighboring countries simply stems from the fact that it is a democratic nation and it is always ready to take challenges and risks on the path towards modernization and prosperity. Analogy aside, there is clearly no denial that this country with over 1.18 billion people has become a congregation of vibrant fashion minds from all over the world. With international events such as the India Fashion Week taking place annually and Indian beauties winning major beauty contests such as Miss World and Miss Universe have definitely given the Indian fashion scene a new name in the global fashion arena. And, collections of major fashion designers such as Ritu Kumar, Ritu Beri, Rohit Bal,Tarun Tahiliani and Manish Malhotra have only made it better. And, their
 Indo-western inspired clothes have been successful in tapping and attracting a huge market of mainly the South-East Asian diaspora living in the western hemisphere.

Therefore with this topic in mind, I felt this strong urge to feature some of the Indo-western looks for my readers, so that we can all get a taste of what I am talking about. I think that fashion isn't limited to a particular look. Fashion has no boundaries and no rules. It can be as simple as symbolizing the influence of two different cultures. And, finally fashion and is always evolving....

Feelin' Fall...

Fall is the most beautiful season of the year..I am in love with everything about this season- the colors, falling of the leaves, subtle breezy weather, layerings of your clothes etc.etc....

Fall fashion is all about beautiful cardigans, light scarves, tights, a nice trench, and a great pair of boots. My friends always tell me that shopping for this season can be expensive -especially, if you are investing on a great pair of boots and a good lasting trench. And, i completely agree with them. Yes! it can be expensive, but my philosophy on fashion is: you don't have to buy everything expensive from head to toe. You can find great deals if you research enough. However, it's okay to spend a little bit more on items like a pair of good boots or a trench, but i think it's ridiculous to spend 100$ on a cardigan. The trick is: mixing high-priced items with low and adding your personal touch. 

Don't buy everything you see being displayed on a mannequin- put your own personal touch to things. When you do that- you are less likely to look like everybody else.

This Grey cardigan from Forever 21 is only $19.80. It's perfect for layering. It's definitely on the trendier side. You can wear this to work with a dress, with a denim on a casual day out, or even with a cocktail dress to look effortless and cool.  Grey is the color for Fall, so go get one for yourself before they go out..

This racing stripes black boots from Anthro is little bit on the pricey side, but this $398.00 boots can last you for a long time. It looks sleek, comfy and you can definitely wear it with your tucked denim, or even  with a dress...

This cocoa colored cardigan from Forever is perfect for the Fall. It ties up at the front which gives an illusion of a smaller waist. The color works great for both Fall and Winter. And, it's only $24.80

Gap Trench for $88.00- Not bad...This camel color will never go out of style and will go with all sorts of colors like black, red, purple, brown, off white, denim, dark blue etc. etc.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Something about Miss Moss...

For some reason today, Kate popped into my mind and I felt this urge to post few recent pictures of her on my blog...
I have always loved her style- very effortless! Lately, she seems to be looking even better.

If you like her look/style: go to Topshop to view her designs and who knows! may be you will find something that you like!! ;P

Friday, September 17, 2010

Fashion pallette

Who am I?: Megha/Meghs/Meg, a fashion lover, an avid Vogue and Bazaar reader, a fashion blogger, a "self-proclaimed" shopping addict, a dreamer, an idealist, a writer and the laundry list goes on...

What's my philosophy on style: accepting who you are and celebrating it...

What's my style like:  i guess it depends on the day- Usually prefer something edgy with a classic touch. Hey! that does not mean- I don't mind some trendy/vintage pieces in my closet..

Favorite designer/s: Love Marc Jacobs- his passion for uniqueness reflects on his clothes, Chanel- always classic, Alexander McQueen- his eccentricity and vision was mind blowing...

I can't live without my: black eye liner and my camera...

Fashion era i would love to be a part of: Preferably 20s and 60s...

What am I lovin right now: my Black Boyfriend blazer- goes with everything and my Oxford booties... 

Favorite fashion quote: I`d like to believe that the women who wear my clothes are not dressing for other people, that they`re wearing what they like and what suits them. It`s not a status thing."
-- Marc Jacobs

There is a reason why I save every issue of Bazaar!

The beginning

I have always enjoyed writing- any form of writing, but mostly creative stuff. Blogging has always been my passion- may be because it's less structured..

Even though I stopped blogging for quite a while- I feel great coming back, this time with a new vision, new ideas and definitely a new me.

I will be blogging pretty much about everything that surrounds fashion, style, random pretty things with a sprinkle of my personality. You must be thinking-oh! no- another  "fashion blogger." Don't worry! one thing for sure- I will try to bring a different perspective on fashion blogging. I will be blogging on current trends, budget shopping, highlighting news articles on mainstream fashion and style, focusing on the global fashion scene (mainly South-East Asia) and other random musings of life. I grew up in a different part of the world before I came to the U.S., therefore I might be little biased (or not- haha) when it comes to fashion- I feel like global fashion/style can be equally interesting and  rewarding. Therefore with that intention in mind, I hope this blogging experience becomes a fun adventure for myself- where I can  share my thoughts on fashion with other fashion lovers and hope it becomes a fun cultural forum for my readers, where they become a part of this fashionable cultural experience!